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Brand Strategy



Our innovative brand strategy services will put you ahead of the competition. We offer a variety of packages that will expand your social market by the use of photography, videography, web design, app integration, and advertisement using the various platforms available today. BeFound360 will take you through a three step process to help transcend your business the way you imagined. 





The base foundation of our advertising campaigns. Our videography and photography department will ensure your campaigns are displayed to captivate the viewers, increasing the opportunity for leads, and sales. We ensure each campaign we run will correspond to the message and demographic we target. Whether it's B2B, or B2C, we got you covered.


Great! Our ads are getting traffic. Now, what is the ad about? Typically generated onto a landing page. We educate the consumer or business though our second step to ensure they know what the product or service is they're buying. 


Our team will continuously monitor, adjust and scale your campaigns based on the platforms metrics. For lead generation and B2C sales, we have dedicated on-site staff to ensure each lead is contacted within minutes! Contact us today on how we can create, monitor and scale your campaigns.




"What's the point of investing in digital marketing if I don't have the tools to keep it running?" 

Great question! Let us handle it. BeFound360 will analyze and advocate the best option for our client. We'll ensure all social media platforms you choose will get the proper attention it needs to draw customers to your door. 


Our high experienced team will deliver the results you intended by taking a selection of photos in relation to your business, to spice up your clients news feed. Photos include; product promotions, exterior and interior viewpoints, seasonal entertainment and more! BeFound360 is driven to manage and profile your marketing account, hassle free. Speak to one of our specialists to learn more about profile exposure!


Not only will we upload photos of your business, we'll also video it too! Our high tech equipment and staff will leave your social media feed trending on consumers news feeds for weeks. Our team will provide enough footage each month so your online platform popularity won't slip! BeFound360 will provide aerial views, walk-in angles, and general footage to expose your business the proper way. 

Web Design

We're here for you. If you are starting a new company or need a fresh new look to your website, you have come to the right place. Get exactly what you envisioned when you have a website designed by us. Nothing is more crucial to a company success, after all a website is more important then the sign in front of your shop.

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