Company Platform

Take a minute to understand BeFound360's business insight. We strategize in a business approach of linear and platform based methods. By combining both techniques, our team will be able to capitalize the online market by itemizing our clients strengths and deliver it to your social media platform.

Find Your Story

Let us find the unique qualities behind your business that will leave consumers following your story. At BeFound360, one of our greatest assets is seeing value and potential in a company's product while building reputation. Our inspiration is creating a story that captivates clients wanting your business on a daily basis. We strive on influencing customers online satisfaction by filming, editing and posting on your digital profiles that will viewers gravitate toward.

Digital Platform

A digital platform is a technological-based business strategy that allows companies to advertise and promote their product via the online web. By having a digital platform, your business can expand exponentially by networking an array of social media sites at a fraction of the cost. This allows other companies to interact with one another essentially innovating new products and services. Nonetheless, networking with consumers and related companies can drive annual revenue. Businesses today are beginning to transition towards a digital platform, however only 46% of them have an online platform. Thus, introduces what our team is all about.

Linear Platform

A linear platform is a business strategy that relies on a time-based visual presentation. This translates to a specific time and duration of the contract for example, a commercial. Though the interactivity level of the consumers varies upon time, it can be highly lucrative depending on how a company portrays it. Consumers technically don't seek linear marketing such as advertisements on television, radio and billboards. However the method of delivery can capture customers attention, boosting sales. Most businesses today use a linear platform due to the old and local business to business competition. Its simple, one-way inflection can ease managements marketing time by repeating the initial segment on a set period of time.

Marketing Statistics

The world is concealed with smart phones. The average person spends 2.5 hours on devices opposed to teens who spend 9 hours. The marketplace is there for the taking and BeFound360 will guide you to it. Our team will demonstrate how to target the right audience and display consumer catching content. Toggle through our marketing statistics and lean more on how digital marketing can influence your company today. 

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